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Tips to Keep in Mind When Using a Hostgator Coupon

A Hostgator coupon for 2012 can help you save money by reducing your website hosting expenses. However, that’s only likely to happen if you’re able to decide on the right plan to use your coupon for.

Types of Hostgator Plans

There are three basic types of plans or services that this web hosting company offers.

·        Reseller hosting – This is the plan you should use your coupon for if you would like to be a web hosting reseller. As a reseller, you will be offering hosting plans under your company’s name but without having to invest in the necessary hardware or infrastructure to set it up. Your business will be powered by Hostgator – without anyone having to know about it.

·        Dedicated server – It’s one of the most expensive plans there is. If you need this type of service then you can use a Hostgator coupon to lower the cost. Dedicated servers are necessary when your website stores and manages a huge amount of web data and if you expect it to receive massive traffic every day. If you don’t have a coupon from Hostgator at the moment, you can always search online for it or for alternatives like a Dreamhost coupon for instance.

·        Virtual Private Servers – Think of it as a more affordable solution to dedicated servers. And certainly, you can also use your Hostgator coupon for it.

Now, you may have noticed that all three types of plans seem to cater to clients who are in need of powerful hosting solutions. But what if all you need is a simple hosting plan for a basic or personal website? Will companies like Dreamhost and Hostgator still be able to help?

The answer is yes. These companies offer a wide range of web hosting services, and you are even given the chance to customize your own hosting plan if you wish. Just select, which services you need. Here are a few factors to consider when building your own web hosting plan:

·        Web space limit – Web space determines how much content your website can handle. You won’t need much if you will only be posting articles and a few images here and there on your site.

·        Bandwidth – Think of this as the “size” of your website’s reception area. How many visitors can it accommodate each day? To avoid wasting your money, you should take the time to study your website’s statistics in order to figure out just how much traffic you receive each day.

·        Domain - Will your Hostgator or Dreamhost coupon also work for purchasing domain names? Are they offering unbeatable or at least competitive prices for use and registration of personal domains? Do you have the option of re-registering your domain?

·        FTP – This stands for file transfer protocol. It’s a system used for transferring, managing, or deleting files on your website. Be sure to check if the interface for its FTP system is easy to use or not.

Take your time when choosing which web hosting plan is best for your business or personal needs. After all, you can only use a Hostgator coupon once, and then it’s gone for good!

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